Serious Viking Operation

Operation Serious Viking Third Coast Airsoft just announced that they are now selling tickets for the Operation Serious Viking that will take place on the 16th to the 18th of September 2016... "Serious Viking Tickets are now on sale at our new ticketing site! And yes, we partnered up with Sports Illustrated Play, can you say MILSIM AIRSOFT IS A SPORT!!!"

Serious Viking Operation

The Caspian Gap For the past two years as the NATO-Russo war has raged on, the Russian Forces have beaten back several vicious NATO attempts to unseat them from the Russian Southern Federal States. Last year NATOs campaign to seize the Caspian seaboard failed as their forces suffered massive attrition and were eventually overrun in the massive battle surrounding Grozny, Chechnya. But earlier this year, NATO forces had a string of successes in the Steppes and in the rural areas surrounding the city of Volgograd; a key piece of morale for the desperate Russian Forces. NATO is now poised again to seize another key city on the Caspian coastline. Seated on the delta of the Volga River, Astrakhan is the southern most Russian city and is Moscow's administrative hub for the entire Caspian Sea. Russian forces are now pinned between the NATO front advancing from the Steppes and NATO reinforcements from the Kazakh border. Will NATO finally take a foothold on the Caspian sea? Can Russia successfully defend its last remaining southern city? Join MilSim West October 21-23 at the Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia. Registration opens Monday, June 20th.

Overwatch Operation

New Event from Doomsday Corporate.

Operation: OVERWATCH 2
December 3rd and 4th

Registration Opens: September 1st 2016
Registration Closes: November 20th 2016

Helpful Links:

Doomsday Airsoft Event Ruleset

Event Details:

Event CAP of 300 Players
REGISTRATION fee of $95.00 per player
ID's will be checked at registration. Those under 16 will be turned away and no refund will be given.


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Gum Show Miccosukee Gaming Resort

PMC Airsoft was be back last weekend to the Florida Gun Expo. Excellent oportunity for educate our community about the benefits of airsoft as a

training tool. We bring many of our items at discounted prices and showed to the community some of our plans for expansion, events and many

more. PMC Airsoft. Working to elevate the sport to the highest level. Honor the Sport = Call your Hits

6mm Operation

Overwatch Operation