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Whether you’re looking to add new airsoft items to your collection, searching for other types of gear for your milsim experience, or if you’re in the military and law enforcement and want to find excellent training aids and tools for your unit, you will undoubtedly find what you need with us. While not all of our products are available on our website, we encourage you to contact us through our “Contact Us” section or via our social media if there is anything you can’t find in our store, and we will reach out to you to provide you with the best 1:1 attention.

Our Mission

Elevating Airsoft, Building Community

Join us in our mission to elevate the airsoft sport to a higher level. From the vibrant streets of South Florida to the scenic landscapes of Latin America…

Our Vision

Leading the Way in Milsim Excellence

Step into the future of airsoft with Our vision is clear: to become the premier Milsim Airsoft retailer in South Florida and beyond, serving …

About Us

Private Military Contractors Milsim/Airsoft Store

We are a business operated by a group of passionate milsim-airsoft enthusiasts with years of experience practicing this sport around the globe, primarily…


Providing the best personalized attention and quality service to our customers.

Elias Querales

Founder and owner of PMC Store / Milsim International Magazine, CEO and Master Project Coordinator.

Blanca Querales

Journalist, Team Coordinator, Editor, Columnist for PMC Store and Milsim International Magazine.

Oscar Grande

Sales representative for Europe at PMC Store, contributor and columnist for Milsim International Magazine.

José Lugo

Graphic Designer, Webmaster, PMC representative and columnist for Milsim International Magazine.



Thousands of satisfied buyers choose us.



We have participated in multiple events, in many countries, we have many years of experience in Airsoft and Milsim events.



More than 5000 satisfactory sales in several countries support us.



We have a presence in the USA, Latin America, the Caribbean, Central America and now in Europe.

What People Say?

Tim W.

If you have any interest in airsoft at all then there’s simply no better place to go. These guys are incredibly knowledgeable, informative and most importantly friendly.

​13 May 2024

Marcus Z.

Fantastic business, PMC is always happy to help and quick to respond.
Excellent service, price and lead time.

I recommend them 100%

​18 April 2021

James K.

Easy to use website supplying fantastic products in conjunction with fantastic service and very helpful gentlemen that helped me with various questions and queries.
Absolutely brilliant.

​22 June 2022

Carol H.
Web Expert

Placed an order recently, had a few questions which were handled efficiently. Good customer service, products delivered promptly. Recommended.

​30 October 2022


Stay updated with the latest news and upcoming events in the world of airsoft and milsim. We organize a variety of events to ensure players of all levels can experience the thrill of Milsim and Airsoft in a controlled environment.