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Laylax Prometheus Ver2 EG Hard Gearbox Shell for V2 Airsoft AEG Rifles (Model: 6mm)


Laylax Prometheus Ver2 EG Hard Gearbox Shell for V2 Airsoft AEG Rifles (Model: 6mm)



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  • Split-panel design allows for easier tuning and maintenance
  • Gear changes and shimming have never been simpler or easier to perform
  • Quick-change steel ball bearing spring guide included
  • Access panel made from machined aluminum for strength and durability
  • Pre-radiused cuts at the front and back of the cylinder window
  • Wiring channels integrated onto the outside of the gearbox
  • Compatible with Ambidextrous Selectors
  • Great for any Ver2 compatible Airsoft AEG

The Laylax Prometheus Ver2 EG Hard Gearbox Shell answers the need for a gearbox shell that is easy to tune and allows for customization to meet the user's needs. Designed as a "split-panel" gearbox, Laylax integrated an access panel onto the lower section of the gearbox, making gear changes and shimming extremely simple and easy with no need to remove any of the compression parts or completely disassemble the gearbox. The top-side features a quick-change steel ball-bearing spring guide and another segmented access panel for the compression parts. The cylinder window has been pre-radiused front and back.

Wiring channels are located on the outside of the gearbox, keeping battery and trigger wires neatly segmented and away from any internal moving parts.

The gearbox panels are made from precision machined aluminum for a clean finish, strength, and durability. The main gearbox body is made from high strength cast zinc alloy. M3 steel screws are features all-around for extra strength.

Manufacturer: Prometheus (Laylax)


Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui Version 2 gearbox compatible Airsoft AEG rifles

Bearing / Bushing Size: Fits 6mm bearings / bushings

Material: Aluminum, zinc alloy

Note: Includes gearbox and spring guide only. Gears, bushings, wiring, and other internal parts sold separately.

ID: 14379 (Gbox-Laylax-EGHV2)
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