Guarder Bore-Up Cylinder Set for M4A1 / SR16 / M733 Series Airsoft AEG


Guarder Bore-Up Cylinder Set for M4A1 / SR16 / M733 



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For: For M4 / SR16 / M700 series Airsoft AEG.

Material: S303 Stainless Steel/Brass/Polycarbonate/Acetal

Manufacture: Guarder / Distributed by Matrix USA


  • Increases stock FPS by 10~30 FPS
  • Silencer piston head allows a more stealth AEG operation.
  • Replaces stock cylinder sets for higher power output and performance.
  • Allow usage longer inner barrel (more air in cylinder).
  • A great alternative way to increase FPS output without using a stronger spring.
  • (Stronger spring means lower ROF (rate of fire) and higher rate of wear and tear.)

Kit Includes:

  • Reinforced Bore Up Stainless Cylinder.
  • Reinforced Bore Up Ball Bearing Silent Piston Head.
  • Reinforced Bore Up Stainless Cylinder Head.
  • Reinforced Bore Up Air Seal Nozzle.
ID: 28017 (FTK-GL-03-40)
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